About Us

In the UK we love our sweets.  Everyone can remember their favourite sweets growing up.  The taste, scent and texture all evoke childhood memories.

Benson’s Sweet Shop is a family business and we all have a fondness for sweets.  The ‘Bensons’ name comes from my great grandmother, Jessie Benson.  Jessie had two loves in life; Nicky, her black poodle and Chocolate.  My grandpa would always have a packet of Polo’s in his pocket and my granny used to make Coconut Ice using her own special recipe.

In the 1950’s my dad’s favourites were Aniseed Balls, Pear Drops, Kali (what we now know as Crystal), Hard Liquorice Sticks and Wine Gums.  His sweet tooth is still as strong today where he loves a Fondant Banana and Coconut Mushrooms.  My mum was partial to Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar and Turkish Delight, along with Newberry Fruits at Christmas.

In the 80’s my brother and I would get excited about our weekly trip to the local corner shop for a Pick ‘n’ Mix.  The mix would undoubtedly include White Mice, Wham Bars, Anglo Bubbly, Fruit Salads and Highland Toffee Bars.  At present my little boy’s favourites are Milk Chocolate Jazzies and White Mice.  

Long may the generational sweet tooth continue! 

With my passion for sweets, I opened my first Benson’s Sweet Shop in Nottingham in 2019.  We stock a huge range of confectionery so that everyone can find their favourites.  Whether this is a delight from years gone by or a new treat from the American range.  Jess, is the Manager, and along with the team they take great pride in making all our customers feel welcome, hopefully leaving with a smile on their face.

Benson’s sell Traditional Sweets, Retro Sweets, Sweet Hampers, Pick ‘n’ Mix (with over 70 different varieties), Handmade Fudge, Toffee, Nougat, Belgium Truffles, Premium Liquorice (sourced from all over Europe), Jelly Belly, Harry Potter and a huge range of American Candy, Snacks and Soda.  New products arrive weekly so there is always something to tantalise your tastebuds!

Whether you are treating yourself or buying a sweet gift, pop in and you’ll be sure of a friendly welcome from the team.

We look forward to meeting you and making sweet memories.


Rachel Harris – Owner
Favourite Chocolate – Gnaw Salted Caramel

Rachel Harris


Jess Alves – Nottingham Store Manager
Favourite Sweet – Barnett’s Sherbet Lemons

Jess Alves